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September 08, 2006



that is so cool


this Bit. tuk my idea of a shark webq...


how do sharks get thare names?


this picture is so cool that i want to be a shark.

Victoria Risenhoover

i just want to say do not ever go in the water because you never know if the shark might come and try to kill you.
that's my warning but if you don't listen oh well that your choose.


can a shark swollow a stingray whole


I think that sharks can grow much longer than specified on the WebQuest. In fact, in MALTA, EUROPE a much bigger one was caught. Surf a bit on the internet!!


That shark is huge it's really cool!

mr batu anak johor

this is a very good stuff for info and learning about is of great help for those pursuing their learning about sharks.great joh. congratulations.i 4got to print my certificate but never mind.


fyi sharks don't 'try to come and kill you'. the reason shark attacks happen is because sharks are curious. more people get killed by vending machines than by sharks every year, and you're more likely to get struck by lightning than attacked by a shark


dont kill sharks there weird but (:


Uh to think people fin those I mean would u want other people to take your arms and legs and make you helpless ? I wouldn't. So make a patiction to help these helpless sharks and make a differance


you can say that again, kaya! i mean, i'm barely in the sixth grade and i LOVE sharks! how would people like it if we totally finned them? bogus!!!


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Thank you for helping these sharks by increasing knowledge and awareness about them. These sharks are often misunderstood, probably because of Hollywood horror and monster flicks about sharks devouring humans.

Jenna Schrock


OK- I was all good with sharks until I saw this picture and then read Megalodon Lives by Flash Rex- Now spooked again. How can I enjoy any swimming?



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