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September 26, 2006


Regina Chamberlain

i wish i could kiss that thing


hahah if u did, u would be lipless

candice lieberman

they are not horible animals they just mistake humnas as seals or penguins. Its not there fault its in there instinct. So instead of blaming them why not stop going in the water it was theirs first.so stop blaming them when clearly its your foult my name is candic im 12 years of age and believe they are not horible.



imelda ferretiz

my so loves sharks he can see shark pictures all day they are amazing animals

ciara johnson

candice you cant spell what are you retarted


i looooooooove sharks i would hate be eatin by one though

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I think there amazing animals
that's my opion


i love them


i don't think there bad animals. i think they mistake us as there food like seals and seaturtle's and

we should be understanding about them i mean were going in there home. not are's


what do you think about shark's


sa te shemtuar dhe te keqinj qe jane.i hate them


sharks scare me. i am a lifeguard and i dont know why.. haaa :)

addison reece

i think sharks aren't bad ferocius animals they are just doing there jobs,they are called the trash cans of the sea & people are invading there home with oil & other trash so many of them are dying so i think they're just trying to tell us what it feels to be treated like the way they have been treated like for a long,long time my name is addison & i beleive that they are just doing there job

addison reece

if you agree with me[addison]post sharks are just doing there jobs

addison reece

i wonder why people get into the oceon if they are afraid of sharks? i remember the shark attacks of 1993, do you?i mean come on if you are afraid of a shark don't go in the water.i remember last year there was a group of people& sharks souronded them it was there fault because they were splashin around like a bunch of three year olds & they were lucky that a group of dolphins heard all the comotion &came &saved them

addison reece

if people left there habitat alone maybe there would be less shark attacks

kali malfoy


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That looks absolutely scary!

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addison reece

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addison reece

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addison reece

sharks are the trash cans of the sea


for more pictures of sharks see:

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