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September 12, 2006


Mr. Field

Jacob Hernandez,

You tried the game SET yesterday. How did you like it? Did you find any more SETS after I left?

Mr. Field

jacob hernandez

i had fun!

Mrs.  Harris

SET is my favorite online game! I'm so glad some of you like it too. It's fun to challenge yourself to see how long it takes to find all of the sets.

Mr. Field

I showed SET to Julian last week. I intended to have him run through the Java tutorial but it wasn't working. I made an attempt at explaining the rules but I only succeeded at confusing him. He said, "Just let me play the game."

I thought to myself, "He'll give up in frustration after five minutes." Wrong!

Within the first five minutes Julian had found two Sets. He found all six in the next half hour.

Nice work, Julian! I'll see if I can arrange a matchup between you and Jacob. H.



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