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September 05, 2006



I stayed up and ate sugar and watched TV. I played with my toy purple poodle.


I went to the store and I bought food.I played with my friend. I watched TV all day.

jacob hernandez

I played my xbox. The game was wresalmanea 21. Thats what I did. What did you do?


I rode my bike at my house.


What I did in this summer is drew pictures.


i went hunten with my frens in the rain.


I went to elpaso to stay at
My Grapouse house. My xcuszen his name is Jr. we Road ower bickes in the poudaleswe got wet and got Stouke and after that we got ower 4wellers and peald out. What wode you do?

Mrs. Harris

My rainy day holiday wasn't fun at all. My family and I all caught a cold and had to stay inside, watching t.v. and sleeping alot!

Mrs. Terrazas

Our 3 day weekend wasn't very good. We tried to go see Mayfield play on Friday night, but then got rained out. So we went and saw 1/2 of the game on Saturday afternoon. Then we went to El Paso with our daughter and her boyfriend; shopping at Sunland Park Mall. That was fun and we got to eat at one of my favorite restaurant's PF Changs. I love their Sesame Chicken and Lettuce Wraps. Then we came home. I wasn't feeling good all week long and had been coughing, so I went to bed early. The next day was my birthday and I didn't feel very good, so we just barbecued at my Mom's. On Monday, our oldest dog, Socks died. She was 12 almost 13 years old. She had diabetes and we were having to give her shots every day of insulin. She was a very smart dog and loved to 'hug' the other animals by wrapping her arm/leg around their shoulders. We loved her alot and we will miss her. Keep up all of your good work. Mrs. T.

ben jackson

i fornicated


I had sex and fucked my girlfriends pussy all day

hayley barrett

i chaced down a hobo because he jumped in front of the car and busted my window. and then i found ants to add to my ant collection. i pained them with fingernail polish and they sadly all dyed. so then i asked my mom whats up. and she started yelling at me to get out of her "bidness."


well today its raining and i just watched a movie and played on the computer, talked to my friends and saw my boyfriend and we went to lunch together.


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