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October 20, 2006


Mr. Field

Dear Mrs. James,

You seemed a bit jumpy around the alligator.

Are you scared of alligators? If you are scared, why? Were you bitten by one as a child?

Mrs.  Harris

I got to help put Banana in his box at the end of the day. That was the very first time I held a python. WOW!!!! I thought I would be afraid, but I did o.k. It's amazing what happens when you try!

nice photo taking you came out too

Mrs. James

Dear Mr. Field,

I have never had a negetive experince with an alligator,however, I have never been so close to one before. I have no idea why it made as nervous as it did. It just looked like at any minute it could jump off the table and attack me. Needless to say no such attack took place but it could have. Thanks for the concern.

darnell c.

i got to touch that snake the yellow one.


i liked bannanas

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