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October 23, 2006


Emily Gonzalez

One time my cat jumped in the bathtub while my nephew was in there (taking a bath). The cat almost drowned.

Anita Feil

I think they look great.

Their Mother

Mr. Field

C'mon, Mrs. Feil. Surely you will share a crazy cat tail with us!

Sabrina Maese

The second day after my cat had babies the babies climbed the couch. On the side of the couch there was an open bag of cat food, and the little kitties kept falling into the bag!


dear mr. Field i have a cat
story to tell you.
one day my cat fell in my pool and insted of getting out he was swimming
when he got out my pool was
full of hair.

Mr. Field

A cat who likes to swim! That's very rare, Breanna.
Oh, I bet the hair was, um, yucky.

Here's a book you might like...


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