> ArtsHop!


Too much fun, and it was totally legal!

Met a bunch of great people. Drank a lot of red wine. Took a bunch of pix.

Of particular interest to me are three people. Roy Lohr of Truth or Consequences blew me away with his mastery of light and shadow in his Churches of New Mexico. Check out his website!

I met Julienne at her shop of the same name on the plaza in Mesilla. She'd convinced me to wear the ring I'd purchased by visiting glassblower/wirewrapper Anton Bodor. (That's him at work. Anton's card lists a website at, but the server wasn't working this morning. You can e-mail Anton. You can also find him on EBay under the name docwattson.) I bought the ring and a bracelet simply because they are very beautiful to me. Maybe it was the wine, but I kept the ring on the rest of the night. (Next morning I woke, looked at my hand, and decided that, although the piece is a real beauty, it's not in me to wear a ring of that type. They're both on display in my home, which was my original intention.)

Someday I'll go back and check out Julienne's handmade wearable art. She never uses a machine, and she'll consider your special requests.

ArtsHop continues to be a cultural highlight in my adopted city, Las Cruces.