> Punked Again!


Danny Graves (shown above) and friends, with the support of his mom and dad, Elbert and Jenny (hi mom!), raised more than $1,600 Aug. 16 and 17 in a punk rock benefit show to raise money for a friend's mother, Sandy, who has cancer. Punks, wannabes, music lovers, riot gurls and people of all descriptions partied into the early morning Saturday with bands including The Rawdogs, The Answer Lies, Laters A, A Null Rampage and Larry Legau and the Fogees. Ten Seconds to Lift Off were scheduled to cap the event.

The money (which came from admission at the gate, a friend who made and sold grilled cheese sandwiches, and the generosity of the bands and friends and everyone who showed up) goes to Sandy and her family.

Cameron... great meeting you, man. Love your vest.