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September 08, 2006


lauren                                      age 13


ricky andrews

this site is good with info of sharks


nice I love this web


i hate this website...i'm only using it for my science packet....it's totally Gay if you ask me...=/


this website is totally gay if u ask me =p


how long do sharks live


this is a very good site, i think. i did not no about this site. is very good. its a great site.


This website never even answered my question how long do sharks live and i need to know that! When i clicked on well... it brought me to a website that said there was a service error.


this is ashome


i hate this web


i love sharks even though they can kill you


sharks r awesomeeeeeeeee:):):)


this sight isnt good i went on google and looked up how long do sharks live for and this stupid sight came up boooooooooooooooo it stinks come on people u can do better!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(


Sharks Are So Pretty But Dey Kill Tew Much


How long do sharks live?

To long.
They should only live for 3 days. The day they are born and the 48 hours that they are being hunted.


sharks r big nob heads


this is crap it dosen' t say about sharks nice


this website hasnt answered my question yet how long do sharks live??????? gosh this is a gay site sorry to whoever made this website lol booooooooo......


this website can lick my balls. :|


sharks live 2 be up 2 12.5 years.atleast try 2 study. im not a nerd if u think i am. im just 9 and studying 2 be a marine bioligist

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You know what. IF YOU ARE HAPPY TO KNOW THIS. Lightning kills more people than sharks a year. Its even not the sharks fault. Idiot moron people swim in THEIR territory. Jaws the movie? Stupid and really fake. More pitbull attacks than sharks. Pitbulls arent killed? How about how sharks think and eat about their food. Sharks are agressive with food, and are attracted to blood and raw meat. When people swim in the water, they are like a seal, the swim and make fast movement. The shark sneaks up thinking your a yummy, tasty seal. God made creatures have diets. Some people eat PUPPIES. WANNA EAT AN PUPPY INSTEAD OF A SEAL? Thanks now shut up.


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